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Hello I’m Dr. Robert Slusarski, I’m a chiropractor that specialize in creating nutritional programs to help people with a wide range of health problems.  I use a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health, without blood work and expensive lab fees.  When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health. My purpose is to help educated people who are willing to help themselves. Please read my reviews on this site and on Facebook, to learn about what patients are saying.

What Patients are Saying…

I’ve lost weight and I have no digestion problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better, and my blood pressure is down.

- Mena M.

Improvements I have noticed: skin, hair, complexion, anxiety level, improved digestive system, increased energy, overall health, better eating habits, and better health awareness.

- Nicole M.

I have noticed an improvement in my joint pain, intestinal disorder, cholesterol, weight loss, and blood pressure. Before I was using a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs, but since I have been using their protocol I have not needed to use any of those drugs. I have more energy than I have had in years.

- Evelyn A.

My all around health is better in a short amount of time.

- Nancy L.

I have much more energy, weight loss, more confidence, and feel better overall. I am anxious for the bimonthly appointments and I do not mind knowing what else can be found wrong with me.

- Melanie D.

I have been able to watch my diet more carefully, eat better and healthier, and have become aware of "bad foods". I have lost 12 pounds since I started, and my indigestion concerns are much improved.

- Susan G.

I suffer from Crohn's Disease, and now my cholesterol vs. triglycerides have been reversed, I have the ability to eat salads without the fear of doubling over or spending hours in discomfort, and I realized I was eating too many carbs vs. protein.

- Cheryl

My hot flashes have been taken care of; I have lost weight, which I did not even come for. The very painful Bursitis in my shoulder has also been taken care of. Most of the pain I have suffered in the past has been resolved.

- Gloria C.

I had chronic fatigue. Now I have more energy. I have lost 20 pounds, and I do not have to take as many pain medications.

- Dolores K.

I was tired, I ached all over, and carried extra pounds. After two months, my energy has increased, I am losing weight and my overall outlook on myself has improved, and my stamina is much better than it was in the beginning.

- Sharon M.

I am beginning to look at food in a different light. Rather than as a solution to problems, I see it as a means to becoming healthy as I get older/ I am learning slowly to make wiser food choices and in doing so learning to hear and feel how my body reacts to what I ingest. I also like the one-on-one approach with someone whom I feel cares… I do not feel fatigued or generally depressed anymore.

- Judith S.

I am more aware of the lack of nutrition I have been eating, and getting me back on track with wholesome food and how satisfied you feel when you eat that way. they have also helped to change my mind set on fats, something I always watched.

- L.S.

I have noticed a positive change in my stomach problems, including less gas, I feel better, and I am no longer on my Acid Reflux medications.

- Karen M.

When I first came here I was very tired, my stomach used to bloat out so far I looked like I was about 5 or 6 month pregnant. I was just very unhappy with how I looked and felt. Now, although I only lost 8lbs, all my pants have gotten very baggy on me and I am now back in my skinny clothes. My stomach isn’t bloated anymore, even my fingers don’t swell as much. I have more energy and my stress level has gone down a lot. I realize I have more to go but I know at this rate I will have no problem getting there thanks to the people at the Nutritional Healing Center and their knowledge of the body, finding what’s wrong and knowing what it will take to fix it.

- Sharon H.

For several years, I felt extremely tired all the time. I had no motivation or stamina to get things done. Sometimes, I would be so tired, I couldn’t focus or concentrate on anything. I also had problems with a sour stomach and gassy bowels. The Nutritional Healing Center changed all of that. It has been an eye opening experience for me. I learned how much my diet, and how the right supplements, could change my problems.
Now, I have more energy and stamina than ever and my stomach and bowels feel better too. Most of all, the friendly staff are dedicated and have the knowledge to get you under way to a life changing experience.

- Robin T.

I suffered from migraines all of my life. I took a lot of medicine for my headaches. I have been coming her for 3 weeks now. Taking the supplements and changing my eating habits and I haven’t taken any medicine for my headaches for 3 weeks now.

- Mary Lou C.


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